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Mood Mirror


Digital Video Production

For my final project, I wanted to find a way to incorporate the future of video with a concern for mental health. Thus, I came up with the concept of a mood mirror. The Mood Mirror is a mirror designed to help you confront your mental health, heal, and learn to be your best friend through introducing ways to cope with depression or anxiety by confronting our biggest frenemy: ourselves. Having the form be a mirror is accessible and tangible, as one does not have to go further than their bathroom to be able to interact with the technology. This also heightens the personalization aspect of the mirror for the user. The mirror recognizes facial expression and visual social cues to detect your mood and project video or audio back to you in a series of abstract images, meditation exercises, or decompressing while doing your makeup in space. These images are derived from AI technology and user collaboration. The Mood Mirror has a plethora of features to help you find the light even on your darkest days, and enjoy the time you spend with yourself.

Mood Mirror

Product Features

  • Can set it to show you inspirational images or funny images if you are analyzed to be sad or depressed or angry 

  • Can immerse you into the world as well sometimes through using you as a subject and replacing your bathroom background with like a beach or space to help with meditation or visualization 

  • Uses voice recognition to speak to the mirror, you can alter your image by saying your feelings or requesting to see certain images designed to boost your happiness and induce laughter 

  • Set to compliment mode where you can record yourself giving you affirmations back to you with images that give you peace and hope 

  • Or just use it as a regular mirror designed specifically for seeing you

  • Bluetooth-compatible with any device + speakers 

    • works with Spotify to play songs based on mood.​

  • Touch-Screen Display

  • Facial AI recognition and mood detection
  • Internet access to pull videos to improve your mood in no time. 
  • Collaborate mode: users can upload their video art or choose if they don't want something algorithmically chosen or AI-generated
  • Holds thousands of pre-loaded video art specifically

    chosen for user

  • Affirmations mode: one can pre-record affirmations to guide themselves through in times of need

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