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JUMP by Charly Evon Simpson


Fordham Studio



Director-Producer. Collaborated through empathy and vulnerability to craft this piece of stage magic. Curated the creative process, met and visualized with designers, trained and molded actors, and created marketing and promotion materials for performances.

Thank you to my collaborators! By Aleshea Harris Directed by Jayda Jones FEATURING Arden Carethers as ANAIA Nina Larkins as RACINE Trystan Edwards as SHE Kenyon Terrell as MAN Moriah Groff as ANGIE Jaden Perez as SCOTCH Emmanuel Okeke as RILEY Tyler Bey as CHUCK HALL CREATIVE TEAM Director/Producer: Jayda Jones Assistant Director: Mary Olivette Bookman Dramaturg: Sophia Gayoso-Nordling Associate Producer: Aurora Winger Assistant Producer: Tzipporah Goins Fight Choreographer: Raekwon Fuller Intimacy Choreographer: Juju Jaworksi Lighting Supervisors: Will Rossiter, Zac Zwart Lighting Consultant: Amara McNeil Assistant Lighting Consultant: Ara Tandon Associate Lighting Designers: Raina Williams, Kat Fitzpatrick Sound Designer: Sabina Ali Assistant Sound Designer: Jaden Perez Assistant Sound Designer: Elian Rivera Scenic Designer: Raquel Sklar Costume Designer: Harry Cooper Associate Costume Designer, SFX Makeup Artist: Arielle Schmid Assistant SFX Makeup Artists: Anna Helldorfer, Izzi Budetti Props Designer: Manon McCollum Projections Designer: Alex Alipio Assistant Projections Designer: Kamau Nosakhere PRODUCTION & MANAGEMENT Production Stage Manager: Pradanya Subramanyan Stage Managers: Raina Williams, Lisa Fulson Assistant Production Manager: Sophia Gayoso-Nordling Production Manager: Zac Zwart Production Assistant: Brian Tong Social Media Manager: Kenyon Terrell, Jayda Jones PHOTOGRAPHY Rehearsal Photographers: Natalia Guedes, Joshua Screen, Lisa Fulson  Production Photos: Cason Doyle

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